Lauritzon is one of the leading boutique produers and distrubutors of premium fabrics in Finland. A company with a deep-rooted history and tradition, they were looking to update their identity and bring the brand into modern times,

In the process of the brand development, I was part of the BOND design team and was in charge of designing their new website, preparing the design and components for development, and creating motion design elements which to become part of the brand's communication.

Agency: BOND


The design of the website had two main branches that it needed to traverse: it needed to communicate about the history of the brand and facilitate marketing content, but, more importantly, it had to also be the home of the updated store Lauritzon online store. 

As standard, the design had to be responsive, which required the development of the Figma components to be adaptable to different screen ratios and sizes. 


The navigation had to include a number of options tailored for regular customers and for business partners. Apart from the mandatory functional side, it also had to include a sense of  modern elegance that the brand wanted to communicate cohesively. 

A big part of the product page was figuring out how to include in a sophisticated manner the number of specs documents that were often needed for business partners and which regular clients could pass over to their collaborators (such as interior designers.)

A thorough visual system was developed which emcompassed the different text sizes and colours needed for the website rebrand. As the brand colour palette was quite broad, some of its colours were also adapted to work in the UI as signal colours for errors or accomplished tasks. 

Type families used were Editor New and Neue Montreal, both designed by Pangram Pangram Foundry.


As part of the redesign, new icons were created. The set of icons was designed for the UI, which was further extended to include special icons communicating the properties of the fabrics and the fabrics' use.

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