Book Covers

Book Covers

Disclaimer: The covers are not commissioned work. They are an exercise of reflection on the emotional impact of the narrative and the capturing of the sentiment and idea of the books.

“Stories from Tran / Balkan Suite” by Petar Delchev 

The book is a collection of stories and novellas, rooted in the regional folklore and history of Bulgaria and the Balkans. It's a class of elements, often a fierce and ruthless battle for survival between men or man and nature.


“Ocean Sea” by Alessandro Baricco

“Ocean Sea” is a novel by the Italian writer Alessandro Baricco, in which he follows the faith of a group of guests of a remote seaside inn. The story is portrayed in the writer’s poetic style.


“Ants and Gods” by Stefan Tsanev

Stefan Tsanev is a Bulgarian poet, dramatist and novelist. “Ants and Gods” is a novel which provoked a strong reaction amongst readers through the naturalism of the language and depicted stories. It focuses on the dramatic events that had happened in a family from a small province town during the turmoils of the 20th century – the Balkan wars, WWI, WWII, the reign of Communism and the following life in post-communist society.


“Sto Jada” by Emir Kusturica

“Sto Jada” loosely translates as "Hundred worries". Emir Kusturica has been one of the beacons of light in late Yugoslavian and post-Yugoslavian culture. Both his stories and movies peak into the bitter-sweet absurdity of life on the Balkans where joy and sorrow intertwine into a palette of vibrant images, narratives, and characters. 


©2019 Teo Georgiev

©2019 Teo Georgiev

©2019 Teo Georgiev